Ganz NEU in Budapest? Lies mich!

Erst ein mal Herzlich Willkommen in dieser wunderbaren tollen Stadt!!! Und bevor du dir überhaupt den Kopf zerbrichst, wie wohl alles werden wird und wo ist eigentlich der nächste Supermarkt? Gibt’s dm? Wird es mir gefallen? Wie finde ich eine Putzfrau? Wer geht mit mir Kaffee trinken? … eben alle Fragen, die man sich in […]

Hervorgehobener Beitrag

Kurzausflug nach Tihany

Gastbeitrag von Mareike B. Sobald die Tage nach dem Winter länger werden und die Temperaturen deutlich gestiegen sind, empfiehlt sich über das Wochenende ein Trip nach Tihany: Dort ist besonders schön zu sehen, wie ringsum die Natur erwacht. Je nach Wohnort in Budapest, ist man nach ca. 2h Autofahrt in Tihany angekommen. Frühstücken lässt sich... Weiterlesen →

21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY21

Last official day of the challenge ... ... but can not imagine yet how and when and what will be the first non-vegan thing to eat or drink. #DAY21#BREAKFASTBeing in a hurry this morning I quickly had some self-made cereal with almond milk. Right after dropping off the kids I met with a friend in... Weiterlesen →

21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY20

Almost done and only today I finally used tofu ... Mondays are fun days - or baking days? Anyway after a very relaxing yoga session, short shopping at Mammut again - needed finally a muffin form and cooking lunch, I gave the oatflake cookies another try. After baking they were really nice and crunchy. Even... Weiterlesen →

21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY19

Happy that Sunday lunch was a hit ... #BREAKFASTAfter no proper Sunday family breakfast last week I was really grateful to have one today. We still had very nice bread rolls from Germany which I took out of the freezer. Also bought myself a new veggie spread - Toskana -from dm. I can really recommend... Weiterlesen →

21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY17

Time is flying ... so its already Saturday and I am having a hard time to remember what I ate and did yesterday. But lets give it a try ...#DAY17#BREAKFASTActually not really worth to mention as breakfast is so to say the most borring part of day when it comes to food. So I had... Weiterlesen →

21 Day Vegan Challenge – #DAY16

#DAY16#BREAKFASTTime for another nicely warm oatmeal with raspberries and almond milk along with a coffee. I stopped trying further alternative milks as I am really happy with the Plant Pro one. The one without added sugar seems to be very popular as it was sold out at different dm stores I have been lately. #LUNCHBeing... Weiterlesen →

21 Days Vegan Challenge – #DAY15

So when we learnt something from our dinner experience yesterday than really the fact, vegan does not neccessarily mean vegan as we are being taught during our course. There seems to be a really big difference if you approach a vegan life through a healthy lifestyle or by just trying to substitute your regular food... Weiterlesen →

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